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The TV stand has changed since the advent of flat screens. It allows to highlight its latest generation LCD with ease and often discreetly.

The trend is to design and modern TV stands, with very clean lines in all subjects and in all colors (black, white or bright colors such as red) with or without glass tray, with or without doors.

There is a multiple installation for TV stands now. This type of furniture is ideal for bringing together all of his multimedia installation as a sound bar, game consoles Next gen or a blue-ray 3D.

Featuring many drawers, cupboards and shelves, the TV stand is perfect for storing DVDs blue-ray and remote controls. This cabinet also conceals many of your digital son, with ingenious systems to make them invisible.

Ubaldi offers a selection of furniture very well designed and very flexible, to keep as close as your needs of multimedia design. Among the many models available on the store, you will certainly find the ideal stylish TV stand to hold your flat screen TV.

When buying a TV stand, several points should be checked. It is essential to choose a TV stand suitable for its model of television. Note that some furniture is designed for a specific model of LCD monitor.

The weight and the maximum size of the screen that can support the TV stand are essential data to know. You will find the size and the maximum weight on all pages of TV furniture offered by Ubaldi. Some TV stands can withstand heavy loads and displays of various sizes.