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The standard models are gone almost a TV, so they routinely are acquiring a plasma or LCD TV, whose subtle performance tables do not need the standard version, as it was before. One possibility is to incorporate these devices into the existing living kit, which includes a back plate on which are mounted. The advantage is the storage of cables, which stretch through the aperture plate. For unsightly wires, there are also special bars that are part of TV tables, from simple type consisting of one or two shelves up to models with rotating top plate and shelves or drawers to store other components (DVD player, VCR) and the carrier film and music.

contemporary tv table

Used to produce a variety of wood (veneer, solid wood), very popular is glass or metal, as is usual stationary design, and models with wheels to aid in moving from place to place. When buying a TV retailer will also offer a special holder designed to measure the model, but you can also choose a universal type. The metal structure is mounted on the wall, allowing the state or unit separately. Depending on your TV you can also rotate 360 ​​degrees, which is advantageous for example in multi-functional rooms where the panel creates a divide between the zones and a popular show can be viewed either from the living room, or kitchen. Watch images from different angles and allows wall model with hinged arm.