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Stylish TV tables on the LCD, LED and plasma TV are made of quality materials meet the highest global standards and help you optimize distance and viewing angle. Flat LCD TVs, plasma TVs and LED TVs also require adaptation of the TV furniture with new parameters, new design and using new materials.

TV stands are constantly up to date and into living rooms clearly belongs. TV tables shall be adapted to the needs of modern users because they are simple forms, usually monochromatic. With modern TV stand is a joke and also appreciates design. TV stands are made from different materials. For all their history clearly lead timber. Wooden TV tables are constantly in the course. Wood material can be added as metal, glass and plastic. Combination of different materials is permitted, nothing is forbidden and if reveling in the purity of materials, there is no problem to get TV only wooden tables, metal, plastic or glass.

Space for TV should be such as to easily see that all of the places where they meet. The living room is a sofa in the dining room table, etc. The screen should not be near a window, and for several reasons. One is to dazzle the viewer with daylight, which thus has a reduced ability to recognize the nuances of color and light painting. Direct sunlight also shortens the life of the product, like heaters, which are also the unit load.

Convenient location is close to electrical outlets, and then we avoid winding maze of cables along the walls. The interior in other ways, either jitter into the wall, which makes it difficult at a later time, move the device to another place or select a suitable TV stand.