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Nowadays, TV stands and entertainment cabinets play a very important role in our families’ daily life. Except the function of storage, TV stands and TV cabinets can also be an entertainment and decoration, which make our living rooms look more stylish and beautiful. However, to choose the most suitable TV stand or TV cabinet for your living room is not very easy, for the reason that you should consider lots of facts such as the size of your living room, the style of your furniture and size of your TV and so on. Today I’m going to give you some suggestions and introduce several kinds of TV stands to help you choose the right TV entertainment cabinet for your living room.


mini TV cabinet of ultra-small space

mini TV cabinet of ultra-small space

The first kind is the mini TV cabinet of ultra-small space. If your living room is not very large, I suggest you choose this kind of TV stand. It is cheap and of compact form and suitable put in the living room of small size. You can put a 40 inch led TV on it, a DVD and a mini speaker in the compartment. If there are one or two small cabinets, you can storage some books or small things. All in all, the mini TV cabinet of ultra-small space is very convenient and space-saving.



long TV cabinet with long and narrow space.

long TV cabinet with long and narrow space.

The second kind is the long TV cabinet with long and narrow space. If your living room is a long and narrow space or with a wide background wall, than this kind of TV cabinet must be your right choice. The long TV cabinet with long and narrow space is modestly cost, with the effect of extending space which will make your entire home look wider and larger. Meanwhile, you can put larger led TV on your cabinet. In short, it is your good choice.


 TV storage combination.

TV storage combination.

The third kind is the TV storage combination. This kind of TV cabinet is suitable for spacious square living room with large wall space and it allows your living room looks more stylish. It has different kinds of designs and ways of layout and some are very creative. Usually there are lots of cabinets and compartments which give you space for everything, such as DVD player, speaker, books, toys, plants and other decorating things. Of course it requires a high cost. But nowadays you can choose to buy these cabinets separately instead of buying the whole unit.


Special Offer of BESTA IKEA TV Storage Combination-Lower Price in the New Year of 2013

Special Offer of BESTA IKEA TV Storage Combination-Lower Price in the New Year of 2013

Special Offer of BESTA IKEA TV Storage Combination-Lower Price in the New Year of 2013

Special Offer of BESTA IKEA TV Storage Combination-Lower Price in the New Year of 2013

We do know that our TV stands and cabinets provide large spaces for the clutter to be cut and things prettied up. Now, BESTA IKEA TV storage combination is bringing surprises to you. Storage units are on the special offer which lasts from January 19 to February 3, 2013. The newest lower price will save you 15% off the money. Let’s take a look at some of products.

These two TV storage combinations are designed in a classical style, with the black-brown color. There are vents at the top of the bench for air circulation around electronic components. With the width of 240 cm and the height of more than 190 cm, there are lots of adjustable shelves which give you space for everything, and you can adjust spacing according to your own needs. Also, adjustable feet in some products are good for stability on uneven floors.

The BESTA IKEA TV storage combination is mainly made of fiberboard, particleboard, foil and safety glass. Even the glasses are broken into small pieces they’ll never be sharp fragments. Therefore, it’s very practical and durable. Besides, a remote control allows you to adjust the volume with the door closed. If you like to decorate it, insert pictures or fabric between the glass and the panel will make your TV storage combination personalized.

Here are some reviews

I bought BESTA TV storage in January, and assembled with my family. We all content with it and it was really useful. It has many shelves which I can put scattered things in and big shelves for my DVD player. My wife likes it very much.

We bought a white one last month and it seems ok. I had it delivered to my house. But I think it was a little big for my TV. There is room for cables and power plugs underneath the vent lid. Besides, I put lots of books in it and it is really convenient to me. All in all, the quality of this TV storage is great.
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The Whalen 3-in-1 Flat-Panel TV Stand is perfect for flat-screen TVs and a good choice of entertainment cabinets. And this product offers convenient storage for media components, games, DVDs and more. The design of the TV stand is suitable for TVs up to 50 inches in size, and has a weight capacity of 135 pounds. It includes a swivel system that helps angle the television by 45 degrees on both directions for easy viewing. It also has many functions, such as using as a tabletop, universal TV wall mount, or as a swinging floater and comes with a floor leveling system. This glossy black and silver flat-screen TV stand has tempered glass shelves to hold your AV components or video game consoles. With so many advantages, the Whalen 3-in-1 Flat-Panel TV Stand is up to your entertainment cabinets.

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Whalen 3-in-1 Flat-Panel TV Stand:

Features the ability to use as a swinging floater, tabletop or universal TV wall mount

Hardware included

Swivels your screen 45 degrees left or right

It is suitable for most flat-panel TVs up to size: 50″ and 135 lbs.

Concealed cable management

Floor-leveling system

Glossy black and silver finish

Tempered-glass shelves

Size : 44″W x 20″D x 22-51.5″H

The following are some reviews on that product.

I had this delivered site to store and it fit in the back seat of my wife’s toyota carolla. It took me about an hour to put together and instructions were pretty good. I like the fact that the stand rotates 45 degrees left to right. I don’t have the tv in the center of my room and this feature comes in handy. I have a 47inch LCD TV and this stand fits it quite well. The only negative so far is the metal frame in the back of the stand and the cord that plugs into the tv in the back are in the way. I had to twist the cord to make it fit. This is not a big deal though. The tempered glass and construction seems sturdy. My TV weighs about 50 lbs but this stand can hold up to 135lbs and can work for a TV up to 50 inches (although i suspect it could probably work for a larger TV as well, but im not sure.

Pros – 3 in 1, and it comes with all accessories needed to mount on wall or stand. Looks good, sturdy construction, great for the price, good functionality.


Buying Guide On Entertainment Center

Most of time,what your television set sits says a lot about who you are. If your entertainment center is still 10 years ago that you bought at a garage sale,you should make a new entertainment center and upgrade your living room furniture.But picking the perfect entertainment center is very hard .In the following, we will give some usefull buying guide for you.Image

  1. Making a plan: First, determine how you plan to use your media center. Next, determine which style you want. Some living room furniture is ornate, maded of hardwood with finely carved doors and pristine finishes, while other media centers are very simple with a modern look.
  2. TV consoles: A TV console is just an extension. A console is a good choice for large televisions –especially a better choice for large screens.
  3. TV stands: There are many kinds of TV stands. And the corner TV stands are good for small rooms for saving space. Generally TV stands are built to hold televisions with screens no larger than 32 inches, expect designing specifically for large televisions.
  4. Entertainment units: These are larger size and larger pieces of furniture. Camparing with the TV stands,entertainment units are more expensive,because of their larger size .Though the price of the entertainment units still depend on the materials and construction. And you should choose the best for yourself.
  5. Entertainment armoires: If your television, components and media occupy lots of room ,and an entertainment armoire is a good choice for you. In general, armoires are beautiful, dramatic pieces of furniture.
  6. Media cabinets: Using the media cabinets , you just need to house the home theater and stereo components . Especially when you want your television sitting on the floor or hanging from the wall,a media cabinet is perfect for you,

Whatever you want , the suitable one is the best one for you. So choose a right one for you.

This freestanding TV stand for flat screen TV in aluminum is designed in Denmark.

TV Stand 2012 from Danish Vivotel is a simple and stylish Danish design, when you need to hang your TV on a stand-alone TV stand in the home or office. The stand allows the TV to be placed away from the wall and contribute to a simple and airy interior design style.

TV Stand in Aluminum

Flat screen is mounted on a wide stable, fully closed pipe, so that it masks the usual tangle of wires, connectors, and other unsightly technique, but allows easy access when needed. The tube ends in a broad, flat foot to ensure stability.

All types of flat screen television may be mounted on the stand, and it can withstand a weight of up to approx. 30 kg.

There can be expanded with a player shelf that makes DVD / blue ray player, hard disk recorder or receiver box to “float” in television.

The price of Vivotel TV Stand 2012 is $ 3,099.

The reduced weight of the new LCD or plasma has allowed a streamlining of the furniture and door-TV that now bear less weight than the old CRT TV, choice alternatives are numerous and satisfied everyone.

We start from the idea that a TV with a depth of almost anything can be placed in different places you never thought possible, and above may also disappear behind specially designed compartments, ideas on how to put a TV in a furniture whatever it is are many, let’s analyze as much as possible.

TV stand

The TV cabinet is one of the ways to reuse a piece of furniture on which was placed the old CRT TV, spending if you already have the furniture is almost nil, the convenience of compartments where to put DVD or Blu ray, CD DVD and cannot be persuaded to consider other alternatives, is against the sacrifice of otherwise usable space and an image a little ‘dated.

The wall brackets TV stand are the cheapest option and is functional at the moment, the system Wall mounting requires a reasonably comfortable with a drill and level or alternatively you can ask the shop to do the work, the brackets can be fixed and with various degrees of inclination in order to meet also angles of a few degrees.

The TV shelf is a valid alternative to the cabinet, the lightness of the complex gains, you choose this option when you do not want your TV fixed to the wall, with this configuration you can add the compartments where lay readers and items, the cost is very low but the base is good to take it considering the weight of the object.

The door panel TV is a middle ground between the cabinet, wall mounting bracket and, in fact, incorporates a bit ‘of one and a bit’ of the other, the need to secure it to the wall panel and outlines an area specially designed thanks to the various compartments you can store objects and players or set-top box, thanks to the wall fixing spaces are protected.

The TV cabinet Adjustable wall is the choice for those who have already decided to change decor and wants to get a niche where to insert it and wants to have a vantage point variable, remember that LCD TVs have an optimum angle beyond which the images are seen little and not so big spaces with sofas and furniture arranged so scattered are the perfect place.

The widespread use of hi-tech entertainment including TV with connection to the Internet, media players and digital devices for listening to music in general could not leave indifferent the furniture industry.

This fact has renewed its production with modern furnishing solutions to integrate new media now widespread in our homes with furniture tv stand truly innovative.

Today, the living room, the place par excellence of relaxation and entertainment in the home, cannot do without the TV cabinet studied in detail to serve in a simple and efficient multimedia device.

The whole minimizing the use of wires to view, integrating in mobile switches, ports for fast connections usb, telephone sockets, sockets for connection to the mains and even grids for ventilation devices.

The new collection “Munari” for example, combines these numerous specific measures to such aesthetic tempered glass, lacquered glossy effects and scratch-resistant materials that enhance the design of the living room, representing a very useful piece of furniture for which it is not necessary to have spending a fortune.

The collection Munari has recently been introduced in the catalog of which you can see every detail of the models tv and buy directly online.

TV stand