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Difference between a television cabinet and a television stand lies not merely in the surface, from which we distinguish them on the basis of whether or not there are doors or drawers. There are also other elements worth factoring into your consideration when you are about to make a choice for the television at home. 

1.    Budget- as a rule, cabinets will cost more since it needs more material to manufacture one. But in some cases, television stands will be more expensive due to its quality of design, components, durability and brand.

2.    Size- it is very usual for a cabinet to take more room because it provides space for television and other entertaining equipments as well as storage. So cabinets may prove to be more convenient for family with large amount of things.

3.    Heat- abundant heat always electronic equipments. Therefore, one may find it better off with a stand or cabinet that has an entirely open back and keep it a few inches from the wall.

4.    Cleaning- dust sitting on the glass-made stand may be more obvious than that on the wooden cabinet. As a result, simple designed and wooden should be preferred when it comes to the cleaning problem.

5.    Cables- to stop various cables flying at the back is impossible mission. What makes it worse is that they are behind a crystal clear glass stand. So match your new stand or cabinet not only to the entertainment equipments, but also to the cables you are going to deal with.



In contemporary days there are a large variety of designs concerning television furniture.

TV furniture design of the brand Ultimate have a wide choice of colors: brown, purple, gray, or white wood. They have a special lacquer finish, combining simplicity and purity. These TV stands are, in themselves, dress your interior rendering and elegant design. They will fit perfectly into your home, that it is small or large. You can also add modules to your main piece of furniture to maximize your space and obtain new storage.

The structure of this furniture is MDF which stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. Many manufacturers use this material very useful: it is very durable and does not split, it is fire resistant, it does not explode and does not deform. This structure gives the furniture a guarantee of quality. Thus the top shelf can support up to 50 Kg

To conclude, the rang of television furniture design is so large that it concludes the nostalgic ones and the post modernized ones. Which of them is to your taste?



Multibrackets brand is a Swedish company. It is also one of the leading European manufacturers of audio-visual equipment. Best known for starting the construction of flat screens, it quickly turned to the TV wall brackets for both individuals and professionals. His reputation for quality and innovative products is well proven, so they undergo severe tests which show that their materials are durable. Supports TV meet the highest standards which gives them a guarantee of superior quality and safety.

The ranges of supports for flat screens Multibrackets include quality, durability, and aesthetics.

The TV wall supports non-motorized, the Wire. It meets VESA 200/300/400 and TVs with a maximum weight of 40 kg. It can support many TVs. With this TV stand, you can set your TV as the ultra-slim LED. Two pins act as hooks, two pads connected by a cable bolt onto the back of your TV near the top, and two other studs are screwed onto the bottom. Two people can then just lift the TV and put it on the wall by sliding it down until the wire is suspended from the anchor points. The distance from the TV to the wall is 20 mm. Thus, the TV looks like a picture frame that will be the center of your living room.