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Lately there has been an increasing trend to use instead of the usual TV cabinet for media that secure the TV on the wall. The popular support for lcd tv products from various companies, including Italian. Some models are very economical and practical.

This new “trend” is due to several factors. First of all, the reason is that the screens nowadays are all dishes. Do you know someone who still has a CRT television (not your grandparents)?

The first great revolution which led to the lcd or plasma was precisely the thickness unfair than older cathode ray tubes.

This allowed us to use less space to place a TV so that may protrude from the wall practically just 10-20 centimeters.

Therefore if one wants in theory can occupy less space in depth and therefore may require a less profound compared to the usual door TV.

Secondly, the living spaces of apartments and houses are reduced, so save even a few inches can be useful for a better living space.

As a third point in favor of tv wall brackets have to say that they are practical and many models allow you to turn the TV in several directions. So it is possible with the same television watching the news when you are eating, and enjoy the movie lying on the sofa.

But now we come to mobile TV, are just to be divested? Sure that in reality is not important to the decor of your home?

The door televisions enclose a wide range of furniture: from the simplest ones made of glass and with aluminum structure, bases TV as wide as a wall. The choice is wide and depends very much on what we want to do our TV stand.

Yes, because media can simply support a screen, mobile TV can do much more.

If the mobile then we can fix the door inside many everyday objects, ready for home use.

Therefore highly recommended to think with a cool head for what we need and what functions we are absolutely in our TV cabinet.

If we only need a TV holder with shelves for dvd then a simple structure may suffice, otherwise we will have to move towards a more comprehensive Mobile.

An aspect not to be underestimated is the ability to furnish that have some furniture.

In fact, a nice TV stand placed in the living room with a sofa in front, is already in itself is certainly also a furniture and landscaping of our house.

There are many styles from modern to classic furniture, each with its own characteristics and each with its own market niche.

Of course we all have our tastes and so you should also choose based on these.

So in summary: TV cabinet or stand lcd tv?

It depends! Depends on our needs! However, a tip: if you can buy a fine piece of furniture: surely the advantages of owning one are more than a simple support.


Some time ago the room or hall was an environment dedicated to socialization, to receive and entertain the visitors and eventually to relax with a book. Today technology is increasingly present in our lives and in our homes and television and in many cases ends up being the cornerstone, the focus of the modern room, so the furniture in the living room TV have become essential decorative accessory.

When it comes to buying TV furniture for living room should think not only solve the problem of the location, it is very important to choose the design of the furniture, which can correctly place the DVD, digital decoder and all other devices, which now seem to be really indispensable. It is also important to find a space dedicated to video tapes, DVD and all I can somehow have something to do with television.

Good furniture for TV must also be able to “hide” and contain all necessary cables for electrical connections, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for functionality and safety of those who live in the house.

TV furniture Salas, therefore, serve a practical function, but that does not mean they can not be exploited to the fullest and even become protagonists aesthetic or focal points in interior decoration.

At the time that projects the design and decoration of the room itself needs to be evaluated while the position and size it should have the TV cabinet, so as to enjoy a good view from every seat. All this must be assessed in accordance with the size of the screen. If the appliance is of many inches, so that no eye strain should be a safe distance between the seat and television.

At the time of the election of the TV cabinet has to decide if what you want is a piece of furniture that serves only portal tv perhaps with some features, such as rotating, adjustable height and wheels, or prefer a furniture design larger, usually low and able to contain within it not only linked to television but also other things like decorative accessories that are in harmony with other furniture in the room.

If you decide on a TV cabinet small size is a good idea to choose a swivel, so that the TV can be easily placed in different positions and see not only from the couch or chair, but from different points of our stay, for example , from the dining table.

In this picture we show you, which was a very beautiful television cabinet with door.

The doors were made barn door model.

The doors are two-piece. Go to the middle of both doors, so do not take up a great deal of room for both, as the entire “barn doors”.

The cabinet works well in games. The cabinets have a width of about 120 cm and height 170 cm.

There is probably yes quilt can tell when there is a single fabric full coverage … 😉

Have a nice Tuesday evening to all! We’re going to the roof of the boys’ wrestling competition.

tv cabinet with doors

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Wonderful and we are going to the same, as long as completed from painted 🙂

l  I do not like any of those, then that thing in the corner of the living room – but some remain hidden nicely 🙂

l  Beautiful! I’ve got two of the window, waiting for access to the cabinet doors. Maybe I Josku to them, when I find the author or the ite a hobby: D

l  Being considered shopped online in the past, and I’d even putting up last autumn / winter around and Trip to the host with the entrepreneurial class. There was supposed to be in addition to any other trash from time to time the sale of these pieces of furniture as well (whenever titan man would have had time to do them) … but then those online stores began to pop onto the mushrooms, then left the job when the focus would have been in the small goods do what is already online stores now inches … anyway, that a man they would have time to prepare worse: (But the thought is, because these pieces of furniture have been asked a surprising amount of e-mail. 🙂