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Tilt range is compatible with virtually all televisions Plasma, LCD, and LED on the market. Indeed, the maximum load supported is 55 kg. It is best to adjust your viewing angle, it is rotated 90 ° and tilt up to + / -15 °, it is very useful if you need to move. Also in this desire for convenience in moving it is aluminum which allows it to be light.

Now for the TV media wall powered, the MTM. Functional and elegant, it is also tilted through 15 degrees for all types of LCD and LED. This stand supports the weight of 22.5 kg. You can adjust the angle to your own preset via remote control. He will return to its original position when you turn off your TV. This TV Stand is equipped with a protection that is triggered if the tilt movement is blocked, it stops automatically. This bracket is 25 mm from the wall which is perfect for it to do with your body part.

Finally, TV support wall MSM. It can be oriented at 90 ° is expected for flat screen TVs from 37 to 52 inches for a maximum weight of 35 kg. Like the MTM, it includes its own security system as it can be used with your remote. When the TV is off it returns to its original position at 5 cm from the wall.