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Repair – it laborious, difficult, but his main concern is cleaning the old wallpaper, baseboards, tile, construction debris, let alone the dust around the home and say nothing.

Of course, you can hire a team of workers from the cleaning company, while they themselves sit in a nearby cafe, eating pizza. On the other hand, strangers never will clean your house as you, and their services are not always cheap. You do not just want to vacuum the carpet. Therefore, if laziness is not yet upon you, conduct psychological treatment of the family and join in cleaning themselves.

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Collect all the fragments, scraps in bags or boxes and drag away to the trash, first the largest one then the smaller ones. After this step, you feel that you have removed the half, because a lot of it usually is.

Now walk cleaner. Vacuuming is necessary not only gender, but also the walls, and more than once, especially if you were whitewashed ceiling, wall putty, laying tile.

The floor may be spots of paint, glue or whitewash, which have to be removed with special tools that are compatible with your flooring. After exposure to chemicals properly wash all floors.