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The cabinet has glimpsed through here earlier before it was really clear, and clearly it is not yet but almost, anyway. The outside was my mission and its clear … inside is the man for the … and leads him to bring order to the many so keep your hat if you have it on!! The Spaniard keeps his guitar facility here also, but there is plenty of room for even more technology if we feel like it … so to all men who do not think the TV cabinet is practical, I am back support from my other half say that it is awesome, both nicely (from the outside) and incredibly practical! For all the technology that would otherwise be hidden in various closets are now here, easily accessible and just the place he wants it … TV you can see from all sides, the doors hides nothing and we have feet stand on our TV so it can be turned to the right or left if we feel like it. We chose to put the TV on a shelf just to be able to turn it and not charged back cover of the cabinet with suspension, but of course you can hang it in the back if you want it.

The cabinet was built after an antique double doors of a little less kind, with dimensions wider one TV where it went. Antique double doors with the right dimensions do not grow on trees, so to acquire it before the building is a must, since the dimensions adapted for the doors. The rest of the cabinet except the back cover and rails are built in mdf for it not to bend to all sides as wood otherwise do if not allowed to dry for several months before you build. Pärlsponten on the back and decorative trims are made of wood.

The doors were renovated and the handle was removed, and instead we snapped into an antique key lock. The entire cabinet because painted and was then color English red which I love! Finally sewn simple insider protection silduks linen curtains fastened with springs inside.

project tv cabinet