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The television and other household appliances are sometimes difficult to fit into the decor of the room, sitting room, dining room or bedroom.

Many times, we have found decorating around the appliance and television, adapting all the decorative elements to the position, shape, size or color television.

In fact we are fortunate that the design is being incorporated into the latest appliances current so that you can find televisions with shapes, colors and design adaptable to our decoration. In correspondence with the design appliances are emerging new furniture adapted to new forms. Many of us have been forced to adapt the furniture, as we have found a leftover space in a former cabinet that housed a giant television to purchase a plasma or LCD TV.

Although, if anyone has any ideas that we send it, there will be ways to adapt those old furniture like the narrow, modern plasma TVs, we can choose discerns of the old furniture to redesign our living room furniture best suited to the new appliances . is the case with the support of Doimoidea. This is television support, combines design with functionality becoming something necessary in a very decorative and visual center of the room.

Despite its spectacular and striking appearance, television Virgule holder is simply a metal frame with a large lens mounted on this structure, with a curious curve at the bottom. You can choose a model lacquered red or black or printed. Hide also a secret in the back. Stuck to the wall, this cabinet glass for television, offers a storage space for all those wires, tapes video, DVD, CD `s, user manuals, etc.