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It was always something to improve your home, especially when it comes to energy savings or remediation. If the idea is always tempting, it is often the budget that does not follow. The good news is that there is aid, including that you can bring your Family Allowances Fund (CIF): loan for home improvement (PAH). Who is he? What are the conditions? All responses to embark on the steps, its here!

What work is involved?

This loan is to perform the following tasks:

– Sanitation and habitat enhancement, such as re-roofing, installing a bathroom, running water, toilets but also gas or electricity, the treatment of lead and asbestos and all repairs on discounts standards;

– Expansion and development for all that concerns the setting state of “livability” of pieces not previously used;

– Thermal and acoustic insulation, which may include the installation of double glazed windows, repairing walls or installing a new heating energy less greedy.

Please note: if this is a help to the improvements, some can be considered as simple repairs painting and wallpaper. Also excluded are jobs with character “luxurious” and everyone on the completion of a new building.

PAH home improvement loan

Who can claim?

All tenants and owners can benefit, but must already be registered with the CAF and collect at least one service. However, you will not be entitled to the loan application if you only receive the personalized housing, the allowance for disabled adults or those paid to people without children.

The principle is clear: this loan facility is intended primarily to large families and low incomes who need to make urgent remediation in dilapidated housing or severely dilapidated.

What is the amount of the loan?

It is calculated based on the cost of the work required and can reach a maximum of 80% of expenditures, and, in the limit of 1 067.14 euros.

Once the loan is to improve habitat granted, you will receive half the signing of the contract and the other half once you submit invoices justifying the proper execution of the work. Repayable in thirty-six monthly maximum payments are increased by only 1% of the loan amount.

What are the steps?

To qualify PAH must provide proof of course. Your form must be accompanied by:

– Detailed specifications of the work to establish by businesses;

– Specifications of the materials used, if you make yourself work;

– Not to mention the copy of building permit if necessary.

And you, what kind of work you a priority?