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The end of the month is difficult, but at the approach of winter, some work in your primary residence can definitely expect more: up to standard electricity, change the boiler repair the leak toilet, insulate your home, the attic for Baby, etc..

Many of you do not know, yet, whether you rent or own, CAF can help you by giving you a loan at a preferential rate: and if you enjoy the device “Ready to improving habitat »?

What is the Ready to improving habitat?

To help you carry out work in your home, the CAF can give you a loan at low interest rates (1%).

The loan amount depends on the cost of the work you want to achieve. It amounts to 80% of expenditures within the limit of € 1,067.14.

home improvement loan CAF

The loan is paid directly to the recipient in 2 times:

– The first part corresponding to half of the loan, signing the loan agreement;

– The 2nd fraction, completion, upon presentation of invoices to specifications approved by the CAF, within 6 months after the first payment.

It is repayable in 36 monthly maximum deductions your family benefits to come.

Who can benefit from this scheme?

You can qualify for this loan if you meet the following conditions:

You must be at least one beneficiary family benefit for a dependent child under the general scheme (note: if you receive only one of the following services: allocation of social housing – ESL -; allowance for disabled adults – AAH -; personalized housing – APL -; solidarity income plus non – RSA, you will not be eligible for this assistance).

The work should involve your primary residence.

If you are a tenant, your landlord must agree to carry out the work and ensure you remain in the premises for at least 3 years. (It should be work that the regulation is clearly the responsibility of the tenant OR work inside the housing, which can not be imposed on the owner).

You must have the financial capacity to repay the loan.

In contrast, the level of your resources is not capped.

You are assistant (e) feeding (the)? You can benefit from a specific device to work involving the care of children entrusted to you (learn more).

What work is involved?

Overall, remember that only the work actually needed for normal comfort is affected by this device, for example:



improvement (aeration installation of heating, sanitation, electricity);

thermal insulation;

facelift imposed by the City;

restructuring of housing following the arrival of a child into habitable condition parts unfit for human habitation, division or expansion of housing;

adapting housing to the lives of children with disabilities;

connection to the “town gas”, “mains drainage” of an old house.

Warning: You should not have ordered the materials, or have started work, before filing the loan application to the Caf.

What is the work may NOT be financed by the loan to improve the habitat?

– The routine maintenance (repair wallpapers or paints);

– Work completion of a new building (occupied for less than 3 years) or outside (garage, fence, terrace);

– Installation of a conservatory.

To simplify, remember that all work will be excluded which are not essential (fireplace approval, decorative parts of a closed fireplace, etc.).

After you have completed, return to your Caf not forget to attach:

the detailed specifications of the Work and the Contractor, or quotes from suppliers of materials if you perform the work yourself;

The owner’s permission (if you are a tenant);

CAF will review your application based on the proposed work.