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The widespread use of hi-tech entertainment including TV with connection to the Internet, media players and digital devices for listening to music in general could not leave indifferent the furniture industry.

This fact has renewed its production with modern furnishing solutions to integrate new media now widespread in our homes with furniture tv stand truly innovative.

Today, the living room, the place par excellence of relaxation and entertainment in the home, cannot do without the TV cabinet studied in detail to serve in a simple and efficient multimedia device.

The whole minimizing the use of wires to view, integrating in mobile switches, ports for fast connections usb, telephone sockets, sockets for connection to the mains and even grids for ventilation devices.

The new collection “Munari” for example, combines these numerous specific measures to such aesthetic tempered glass, lacquered glossy effects and scratch-resistant materials that enhance the design of the living room, representing a very useful piece of furniture for which it is not necessary to have spending a fortune.

The collection Munari has recently been introduced in the catalog of which you can see every detail of the models tv and buy directly online.

TV stand