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When it comes to color and animate the space or a certain room, garden decor is very popular. The floral prints are always transmitted inside the room or the house of joy and warmth, thus eliminating the cold and dark atmosphere.

floral print

Follow our tips to get a deco positive atmosphere at home!

The elements that characterize better the floral print are the curtains, sheets and bedspreads, furniture covers for cushions or small print. If you love nature and you want it to be present every day in your home then choose your favorite colors and create a vibrant and refined decoration.

Pay attention to your bedroom decor for floral prints can easily agglomerate space especially if there are many complex models or colors. To avoid this and to create the best decoration in your room it is appropriate to comply with the rules as follows:

– Look for floral patterns that are in line with the rest of the colors in the room. For example, if the carpet color green then it is advisable to place a cloth printed with the nature. A rug in shades of purple should always be in the room with a curtain of colorful print.

– Balance tables or decorations in your room and not to create a too colorful. Or whether walls or curtains, it is not recommended to put too floral prints. The flowers are large and powerful, but only a wonderful quiet background.

– Repeat the colors and floral patterns to balance the image and print space becomes more uniform.

If you think this dress is too much furniture with floral covers, so choose models covers uniform color and accessorize them with flowery cushions for decoration!

Put in your room paintings or art objects including themes or floral prints. Natural landscapes or flower vases have as the main objective of creating an inner feminine.