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Erard French brand has existed for over 50 years, it was founded in 1961. It belongs to the leading distributors of TV stands. The quality of its products and a comprehensive are the two main qualities of the brand Erard. Between design furniture and electronics Erard are decorative objects but also technology. This brand also offers TV wall supports functional and adaptable.

Erard, with this range, provides a wide choice of TV stands design solutions.

The different sizes: the length ranges from 1100 mm to 1400 mm for TVs from 26 to 50 inches, from 66 to 127 cm. The height of the furniture also varies from 335 to 510 mm, depending on the number of trays. The maximum weight supported on the upper trays of 60 kg which is quite sufficient for the current TV.

The structure of this furniture: painted steel doors and trays, meanwhile, are tempered glass which allows a very good strength.

Practicality: the back of this stylish TV stand is removable and easy access to the back of your devices, it is very useful if you connect or disconnect an HDMI or SCART. Through a ventilation system your game console or even an amplifier can be placed in this cabinet. A clip-son is also very useful for hiding unsightly cables.

The many colors available: they can put a touch of color and design in your home. This TV stand can be the heart of the show, it will adapt to all types of interior design more than classical.

This range of TV cabinets combines practical design, especially design and choice. With different sizes and many colors you will surely find one that make your living space.