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With the approaching of 2013, maybe you want to decorate your home with new entertainment center cabinets. Here you will get the latest information on the fashionable entertainment cabinets by greentea design.  These massive, solid wood wall-units attractively store your television, components, DVDs, and anything else you feel like tucking away.

In the coming 2013, the greentea design of the entertainment cabinets will become popular. Because each is a unique and exclusive design and a refreshing break from traditional Western entertainment centers. Here a variety of designs are available, accommodating varying sizes of screens, a/v storage needs and interior design visions.

You can choose the suitable one from the one-of-a-kind TV Step Chest to the stately Miyamoto Entertainment Center, which are all in greentea designed.

2013 Fashionable Entertainment center cabinets by Greentea Design

2013 Fashionable Entertainment center cabinets by Greentea Design



Extended horizontal beams in solid woods are used to build the entertainment center cabinets, therefore that gives them a strong yet elegant presence. The beams are continued on the sides of the cabinets, making each piece visually interesting from any angle.

Most of the greentea design entertainment centers feature pocket doors, if you’re watching the game or a movie, they are out of your sight. Close them when the TV is not in use, and the piece functions as a beautiful backdrop for your room.


This entertainment cabinet is more than just a TV set holder, because it
combines itself with shelves that on the sides which can hold extra things, such
as vases, book, bottles or any decorative items. Everything in the cabinet makes
a perfect combination, which creates a cozy feel for your house. The wooden
texture of the entertainment cabinet gives you a touch of nature and the wild
world. It fits perfectly in any modern living room, and will add a bit of
elegance to your house. The style of the whole cabinet is simple, but it is neat
and chic in design. Since it is recessed in the wall, so it is very space