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Staining Methods of Wooden Display Cabinets

Staining Methods of Wooden Display Cabinets

Usually, most of display entertainment cabinets are made of wooden materials. Generally, the surface treatment of wooden display cabinets should be carried out after they are preliminarily well. As the saying goes, clothes make the man; the display cabinet will look high-grade if done well. The surface treatment not only makes the wooden cabinet look more beautiful, but also facilitates the maintenance. Here I am going to introduce you some staining methods of wooden display cabinets.
Generally it can be divided into two ways, including water color staining and wine color staining. Water color dye is an aqueous solution while wine color dye is an alcohol solution. Water color staining is very conveniently used, and it is uniform. Besides, the price is cheap. But, there are some disadvantages such as the water is easy to make the wood fluff which needs to do matting to avoid this phenomenon. So, you’d better configure acid dyes for water color.
As to the wine color solution, you’d better use alcohol-soluble salt dyes. The wine color staining uses alcohol as alcohol solvents, a liquid which is likely to be volatile. Therefore, it will not wet the wood and avoid the problems of fluff phenomenon on the wood surface. In addition, it has a bright color. Of course it also has drawback, the drawback is that it costs more and the unevenness gradation.
If you use wine color staining, the recommended configuration is six percent alcohol solution dye, seventy percent alcohol, twenty-four percent shellac. Uniformly deploy them in accordance with the proportion, during the deployment, you’d better not use metal containers, use glass containers or ceramic containers instead, it can prevent it from reacting with the metal container to affect the true colors.
Now, you have already learned some knowledge of wooden display cabinet staining methods, including each of their advantages and disadvantages. Then, you can select a suitable way according to your needs.

2013 Preschool Furniture Multifunctional Wooden Kids Storage Cabinet for Kindergarten

2013 Preschool Furniture Multifunctional Wooden Kids Storage Cabinet for Kindergarten

Are you often crazy about your kid’s mess bedroom? Have you ever thought of choosing a good cabinet for them to pick up those mess things such as books, bags, clothes and toys? Here, a 2013 wooden storage cabinet is right for your kids, it is a perfect combination of space and function area.
Buying a multifunctional wooden storage cabinet for your little kid can not only decorate the room, but also make your kids learn to clean and sort out their things and build up a good habit.
Here are some features about this wooden storage cabinet:
1. Complies with both the Americans with China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (CAAPA); International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA); IS09001-2008, CE,ROHS standard.
2. Humanistic design, Edge passivation treatment, more safety.
3. Hygiene, Food class plastic, makes children more health.
4. Colorful, beautiful and durable. At least 5 years won’t fade.
Material: wood board
Size: 120(L)*30(W)*80(H)cm
Color: colorful or according to your demands
Functions: 1.anti-static, anti-crack, anti-UV
2.the bright-colored can attract children. You can choose many colors.
3. Suitable for improving kids energy and imagination.
4. According to the kids set out the graphics by themselves. Help the children intelligence development.
Main Funs: storage
Usage scope: kindergarten, residential park, school, park, amusement park, shopping mall, supermarket, KFC etc.
Style: wooden cabinet
Inspection standard: EN1176

With the wide array of modern kitchen cabinet designs, homeowners can easily choose models that complement and enhance their lifestyles. Picking out the style and color of your kitchen cabinets is easy. But it can be a little more difficult to decide the best way to arrange your cabinets. When positioning kitchen cabinets, it’s best to balance functional work space while keeping an eye on design. In addition to traditional kitchen cabinets, specialty items, such as wine racks, foldout pantry cabinets and slide-out drawers, allow homeowners to combine good looks with functionality. Here are a few home improvement tips to consider when laying out your kitchen design and cabinet positions.

Tips on Positioning Kitchen Cabinets:

  1.  Envision a work triangle. You may be using your kitchen design to decide where cabinets should go, but you may also want to consider how people will be moving throughout the kitchen. When positioning kitchen cabinets, keep in mind the distance between different appliances and elements used in food preparation. You want your kitchen remodeling to improve function. Map out a “work triangle” formed by lines connecting the sink, the range and the refrigerator. To minimize excess walking, this triangle should be as small as possible while still being practical. Kitchen-cabinet positioning should accommodate and enhance the work triangle. For example, placing a lower cabinet next to the open-door side of the refrigerator will make it simple to take food items out of the fridge and set them on the counter. Separating the three elements of the work triangle by lower cabinets also allows the cook to remove hot items from the stove and place them on the countertop, and provides counter access near the sink for dirty dishes. In addition, an upper cabinet set above the dishwasher simplifies the task of putting away clean dishes. 
  2.  Consider standard kitchen cabinet sizes. Standard cabinet size is a factor when determining how to arrange your kitchen cabinets. The standard height of a base cabinet is 34.5 inches. After allowing approximately 0.5 inches for the thickness of a countertop, the finished counter height is approximately 35 inches. Lower base-cabinets are typically 24 inches deep. When positioning base cabinets, consider the remaining walking space in front of each unit. Leaving at least 4 feet of open floor space in front of cabinet doors, drawers and the stove will give the cook room to move with ease. Upper kitchen cabinets are only 12 inches deep, and they vary in height from 30 inches to as small as 12 inches to accommodate placement over a range or microwave. Both upper and lower kitchen cabinets offer large corner units, sometimes with installed “Lazy Susan” rotating shelves, to lessen the need to reach into far corners of the cabinets.
  3.  Focus on kitchen design. While function is important, you want your kitchen to look stylish as well. Utilize symmetrical appeal by positioning upper cabinets of similar size on either side of your sink and range, if space permits. Place a tall, pantry-type cabinet next to the refrigerator to camouflage the side closest to your living area. Consider installing a base cabinet or an island cabinet with an attached eating bar on the backside to provide an attractive eating space without taking up lots of floor space in a small kitchen.

You can make your kitchen looks unique and new with replacing your old cabinets with inexpensive kitchen cabinets. Maybe you are doubtful with the qualities of the cabinets but actually it is not that difficult to find the cheap cabinets if you know where to find it. There are many information about the inexpensive cabinets online. So It is important to know how to gain the online information.

It is not a wrong assumption that you will get what you have paid. It is often that cheap kitchen cabinets for sale are not long lasting furniture. But it does not mean that you cannot find good qualities with the cheap prices. That is why you should know the best place and information for getting the inexpensive cabinets. It is not that easy to find such good inexpensive kitchen cabinets. Thus, try to get the solid wood kitchen cabinets.

Do not choose the whacky wood or particle board to avoid fragile or short lasting kitchen cabinets. Make sure that the kitchen cabinet’s frame is sturdy. Choose the kitchen cabinets that equipped with turn tables, corner pieces, glass doors, and other bells and whistles cost much more money. A  But this kind of cabinets will cost more money, choose the simple design to safe the cost.

Do not forget to check the guarantee of the kitchen cabinets. Although the cabinets are inexpensive but guarantee is very important to notice. Warranty will give you protection if the cabinets are not hop up. Or if you can find extended guarantee you can request it. When the kitchen cabinets arrive in your house, check it carefully to know if there is any damage. If there is some damage, you can send them back to the store.

You can find a discount or inexpensive kitchen cabinets in some places like unfinished furniture shops, secondhand furniture shops, or home improvement centers. In unfinished furniture shops usually sell quality cabinets with a discount because those cabinets often unpainted or have not been stained. In secondhand furniture shops, architectural salvage and antique stores, those stores will offer an owned kitchen cabinets for sale.

Maybe you want the one, but if the cabinets still in good condition and you can get cheap prices it is worth to buy those cabinets. For other choice, you may see home improvement centers for an alternative or just to add your information. They often offer the kitchen cabinets for sale. Or you can get further information inexpensive kitchen cabinets online   first to find the best qualities. Thus, you will not to be worried again to get inexpensive kitchen cabinets.

Multibrackets brand is a Swedish company. It is also one of the leading European manufacturers of audio-visual equipment. Best known for starting the construction of flat screens, it quickly turned to the TV wall brackets for both individuals and professionals. His reputation for quality and innovative products is well proven, so they undergo severe tests which show that their materials are durable. Supports TV meet the highest standards which gives them a guarantee of superior quality and safety.

The ranges of supports for flat screens Multibrackets include quality, durability, and aesthetics.

The TV wall supports non-motorized, the Wire. It meets VESA 200/300/400 and TVs with a maximum weight of 40 kg. It can support many TVs. With this TV stand, you can set your TV as the ultra-slim LED. Two pins act as hooks, two pads connected by a cable bolt onto the back of your TV near the top, and two other studs are screwed onto the bottom. Two people can then just lift the TV and put it on the wall by sliding it down until the wire is suspended from the anchor points. The distance from the TV to the wall is 20 mm. Thus, the TV looks like a picture frame that will be the center of your living room.