kitchen cabinet design

Except the Victorian kitchen cabinet designs, the shaker kitchen cabinet designs are also very popular.   The shaker kitchen cabinet designs firstly came in 1770 from a religious social movement among American colonies. The Shaker people were known to live in a simple and efficient community. Hence, their choice of houses they built at the time will also have similar principle that delivers effective functionality yet with simplicity. These features of Shaker kitchen cabinet designs have totally captured a lot of people’s hearts until today.

Shaker kitchen cabinet designs nowadays are focusing on quality, simplicity and cleanliness. Resembling a bit taste of Arts and Crafts kitchen style, this kind of kitchen designs is simpler with less ornament attachments. The trademarks of Shaker kitchen cabinet designs are mostly delivered through its utilitarian design, doors with flat panels, tapered post, and also sturdy constructed structure. They are probably the main attraction points of this kind of cabinet designs.

The style of Shaker kitchen cabinet designs focuses on efficiency of cabinets functions. You can arrange a simple traffic layout to optimize the work of this kind of kitchen cabinets. Shaker kitchen cabinet could also create the greatest possible use of your kitchen’s walls space. There is a lot of additional furniture you can possibly add to make up your kitchen. In addition, you can also install a central kitchen island with simple seating to maximize your kitchen.

The most important principles in Shaker kitchen cabinet designs are neatness and function effectiveness. Therefore, Shaker kitchen cabinets should be well-organized of storage area for your kitchen utensils. Plate and small appliances sliding rack, space and knives drawer, and also pull out trash bin can be added to complete your cabinet’s function. Those storage systems are created to make an effective, uncluttered and well-organized kitchen cabinet


There are many styles of kitchen design for you to decide which one is your most favorite. Victorian style can probably be your choice.Victorian kitchen cabinet designs are the most important part in designing your kitchen with Victorian era style. Despite its old glory, Victorian style is still admired by a lot of people, especially the ladies. As you know, Victorian reign resembles sophisticated charm through their etiquette  clothes and even the style of their houses.

These charms of Victorian era become the factors of its successful resistance in preserving their popularity until today. One of the charms of this Victorian era is visible through the fact that there are a lot of people who choose Victorian cabinet designs to be applied to their kitchen.

The first perception that may come to our mind when we are thinking of Victorian kitchen cabinet designs is cabinets that deliver attractive, modern designs and style. There are a lot of people that have fallen in love with the beauty of this Victorian kitchen cabinet designs.

Their various choices with different view of luxurious styles have surely captured a lot of people’s hearts. The main attracting point of these Victorian kitchen cabinets is the elegant model that is mixed with craftsmanship which later brings out a high quality and unique atmosphere of kitchen design.

It may be pretty difficult to create Victorian kitchen cabinet designs by yourself. Designing a design of Victorian era style absolutely requires smart and detail idea that will deliver the senses of Victorianism.

You also have to note that Victorian design is made to be complex, rich of detail, and also elegant profile that will represent the wealth of the house owner. In designing Victorian kitchen cabinets, you can match and combine the stain and colors. You can also install glass doors that will surely provide a beautiful display of your kitchen utensil inside the cabinets.

Victorian kitchen cabinet designs can be dominated by clear pastel colors with lights or really dark patterns. They are usually installed with legs that give a stronger sense of kitchen furniture. Light walls colors such as pale yellow and white will be perfect for Victorian style to emphasize the beauty of your Victorian kitchen cabinets.

Aside from this aspect, you can also add some paintings or other decors as additional furniture in your Victorian kitchen. Those additional items will certainly enrich your Victorian kitchen.

Dark stained and rich oak, elm or cherry woods will definitely be a great option to build your Victorian kitchen cabinet designs. Victorian kitchen designers usually make the cabinets to be black-painted. They have to be huge as well to deliver the impression of crown molding.

If you really are interested in Victorian kitchen cabinet designs, then it would be a good combination for another vintage kitchen decorating such as rustic design. You may always incorporate this Victorian cabinet with other kitchen accessories and appliances to enrich your Victorian kitchen.