Entertainment center cabinets

At the new year of 2013, the Natural Finish Entertainment Cabinet has begun on sale. The big discount is already cheap enough to attract you, in spite of its special and beautiful composition.

This entertainment cabinet is a perfect, strong TV stand, with some of that composite board. It came with a few very tiny dings in the exterior but aside from that were in impressive condition.

The composition were exclusively designed so you can organize your films, games, three-dimensional glasses, controllers, and peripheral devices so that you are not going to have them over-lapping. The handles have a nice, refined lightweight aluminum appearance, as do the legs, and the “finish” is a semi-gloss kind of black–again, you notice it’s there but it doesn’t pull the eye.

Big Discount on Natural Finish Entertainment Cabinet

Big Discount on Natural Finish Entertainment Cabinet

Not tough to construct in the least. It takes a little while, though, as there are a lot of components and it’s best to organize it a minor before beginning set up. Television set is wall-mounted, but the stand matches nicely under it and covers the wires running down to the different devices. The shelves are all adjustable using tiny, rubber-capped pegs, so you can shift them up or down a few notches to accommodate DVD’s, blue-ray, VHS tapes, or games.

Just pay attention when assembling the Natural Finish Entertainment Cabinet by H.P.P the cabinet doors that swing out with their cubbies. As others have noticed, the directions are a little imprecise so it’s easy to unintentionally have one of the shelf boards facing the wrong way, exposing the wood. Also, don’t be discouraged if, during construction, you notice the underside base-board seems bowed in the middle and the feet don’t all initially touch the floor, as almost everything more or less levels out after you put the whole thing together and load it with videos.


What are you waiting for? You are going to regret when you realize you have made this good opportunity slip away. Come and pick a set of cheap natural finish entertainment cabinet.




JS Interiors is an electronic business website for unique modern furnishing, who offers different kinds of unique Chinese style entertainment furniture.

Chinese Style Entertainment Furniture’ Supplier -JS Interiors-Custom Made Furnishings for Unique Home

Chinese Style Entertainment Furniture’ Supplier -JS Interiors-Custom Made Furnishings for Unique Home

Our offer is unique, not only the product but also our service, that reflect unique multi-cultural background of its founder who has lived and worked both in New Zealand and China for an certain extended period. With extensive knowledge and experience being built over years in sourcing interior furnishings and a long term relationship with local Chinese manufacturers also has been established over years, there are no stock and closure pieces furniture in JS Interiors, because the entire product is actual and comes directly from the manufactories in China.

Our mission is to go directly to the source, in order that we have absolute quality control and can maintain your unique custom made piece at an affordable price. By importing and selling direct to the public we cut out the ‘middle man’ to achieve this.

For some ranges like Chinese style, bathroom range, upholstery range we offer you a truly bespoke service, allowing you to create an item of furniture unique to your own taste and style. Our manufacturers can hand-craft the piece to fit the dimensions you need, or re-create colors to your exact requirements. We also can allow you to supply your own fabric to suit. No matter how unusual and for many of our customers we replicate high-quality department store styles at a fraction of the retail cost.

Our range of Chinese style furniture is made from elm, available in China, similar to oak; however with much broader sweeping grains and a warmer appearance, all of our furniture has a lacquer finish for final protection, but also to add sheen to the pieces giving a more luxurious sophisticated appearance. Our philosophy is to combine the antique styles and craftsmanship of oriental furniture with a modern design influence. The interiors of our antique replica pieces have been carefully altered to suit a modern living environment, while our collection reveals a subtle blend of East and West. We are continually developing this blended approach and work closely with our manufacturer to introduce exciting new designs to the range. New Designs are added to our website monthly.

We also allow you to work with our designers to create furniture suited to the exact requirements of your home. Whether it be small adjustments to dimensions, choosing your own color finish, or even re-creating styles you have seen elsewhere, JS Interiors will help you compliment a carefully planned interior. Most all our pieces can be customized with only a minor up charge. Choose us, JS Interiors-custom made furnishings for unique home.



2013 Preschool Furniture Multifunctional Wooden Kids Storage Cabinet for Kindergarten

2013 Preschool Furniture Multifunctional Wooden Kids Storage Cabinet for Kindergarten

Are you often crazy about your kid’s mess bedroom? Have you ever thought of choosing a good cabinet for them to pick up those mess things such as books, bags, clothes and toys? Here, a 2013 wooden storage cabinet is right for your kids, it is a perfect combination of space and function area.
Buying a multifunctional wooden storage cabinet for your little kid can not only decorate the room, but also make your kids learn to clean and sort out their things and build up a good habit.
Here are some features about this wooden storage cabinet:
1. Complies with both the Americans with China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (CAAPA); International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA); IS09001-2008, CE,ROHS standard.
2. Humanistic design, Edge passivation treatment, more safety.
3. Hygiene, Food class plastic, makes children more health.
4. Colorful, beautiful and durable. At least 5 years won’t fade.
Material: wood board
Size: 120(L)*30(W)*80(H)cm
Color: colorful or according to your demands
Functions: 1.anti-static, anti-crack, anti-UV
2.the bright-colored can attract children. You can choose many colors.
3. Suitable for improving kids energy and imagination.
4. According to the kids set out the graphics by themselves. Help the children intelligence development.
Main Funs: storage
Usage scope: kindergarten, residential park, school, park, amusement park, shopping mall, supermarket, KFC etc.
Style: wooden cabinet
Inspection standard: EN1176

Special Offer of BESTA IKEA TV Storage Combination-Lower Price in the New Year of 2013

Special Offer of BESTA IKEA TV Storage Combination-Lower Price in the New Year of 2013

Special Offer of BESTA IKEA TV Storage Combination-Lower Price in the New Year of 2013

Special Offer of BESTA IKEA TV Storage Combination-Lower Price in the New Year of 2013

We do know that our TV stands and cabinets provide large spaces for the clutter to be cut and things prettied up. Now, BESTA IKEA TV storage combination is bringing surprises to you. Storage units are on the special offer which lasts from January 19 to February 3, 2013. The newest lower price will save you 15% off the money. Let’s take a look at some of products.

These two TV storage combinations are designed in a classical style, with the black-brown color. There are vents at the top of the bench for air circulation around electronic components. With the width of 240 cm and the height of more than 190 cm, there are lots of adjustable shelves which give you space for everything, and you can adjust spacing according to your own needs. Also, adjustable feet in some products are good for stability on uneven floors.

The BESTA IKEA TV storage combination is mainly made of fiberboard, particleboard, foil and safety glass. Even the glasses are broken into small pieces they’ll never be sharp fragments. Therefore, it’s very practical and durable. Besides, a remote control allows you to adjust the volume with the door closed. If you like to decorate it, insert pictures or fabric between the glass and the panel will make your TV storage combination personalized.

Here are some reviews

I bought BESTA TV storage in January, and assembled with my family. We all content with it and it was really useful. It has many shelves which I can put scattered things in and big shelves for my DVD player. My wife likes it very much.

We bought a white one last month and it seems ok. I had it delivered to my house. But I think it was a little big for my TV. There is room for cables and power plugs underneath the vent lid. Besides, I put lots of books in it and it is really convenient to me. All in all, the quality of this TV storage is great.
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Discounted Desk Lamps are perfect choice for someone who needs to decorate home for not spending so many money. Some Desk Lamps manufacturers acquire this discount time in every special season each year, such as summer, New Year, and many more. You should concentrate in that discount news . Discounted Desk Lamps with glass lamp is not only happened in staunch shop but also in on line light shop. You may not be inconvenience about the quality as there are also branded light fixtures that are offered to you.4

This Discount Desk Lamps With Glass Lamp Shades from iHome is a must-have for home. On the one hand. This Desk Lamps provide ample lighting for late-night study or working. On the other hand, it design with Glass Lamp Shades, very beauitiful and elegant.

Good desk lamps with Glass Lamp Shades usually are very expensive. Take this Glass Desk Lamp by Koncept for example. Equipped with energy efficient, long-lasting LEDs and a Glass Lamp Shades design, this desk lamp is perfect for the environmentally conscious and those wishing to ‘go green’ this year.

And for lighting that is as much form as it is function, the Sax lamp with Glass Lamp Shades by ET2 is sure to be a conversation piece. It is good for eyes.

Bellacor has the solution to meet your discount desk lamps needs. From study, work friendly lighting to environmental and eye-friendly design and everything in between, the selection of this discount desk lamps with glass lamp shades is one that truly “makes the grade”.


The Whalen 3-in-1 Flat-Panel TV Stand is perfect for flat-screen TVs and a good choice of entertainment cabinets. And this product offers convenient storage for media components, games, DVDs and more. The design of the TV stand is suitable for TVs up to 50 inches in size, and has a weight capacity of 135 pounds. It includes a swivel system that helps angle the television by 45 degrees on both directions for easy viewing. It also has many functions, such as using as a tabletop, universal TV wall mount, or as a swinging floater and comes with a floor leveling system. This glossy black and silver flat-screen TV stand has tempered glass shelves to hold your AV components or video game consoles. With so many advantages, the Whalen 3-in-1 Flat-Panel TV Stand is up to your entertainment cabinets.

c45 2

Whalen 3-in-1 Flat-Panel TV Stand:

Features the ability to use as a swinging floater, tabletop or universal TV wall mount

Hardware included

Swivels your screen 45 degrees left or right

It is suitable for most flat-panel TVs up to size: 50″ and 135 lbs.

Concealed cable management

Floor-leveling system

Glossy black and silver finish

Tempered-glass shelves

Size : 44″W x 20″D x 22-51.5″H

The following are some reviews on that product.

I had this delivered site to store and it fit in the back seat of my wife’s toyota carolla. It took me about an hour to put together and instructions were pretty good. I like the fact that the stand rotates 45 degrees left to right. I don’t have the tv in the center of my room and this feature comes in handy. I have a 47inch LCD TV and this stand fits it quite well. The only negative so far is the metal frame in the back of the stand and the cord that plugs into the tv in the back are in the way. I had to twist the cord to make it fit. This is not a big deal though. The tempered glass and construction seems sturdy. My TV weighs about 50 lbs but this stand can hold up to 135lbs and can work for a TV up to 50 inches (although i suspect it could probably work for a larger TV as well, but im not sure.

Pros – 3 in 1, and it comes with all accessories needed to mount on wall or stand. Looks good, sturdy construction, great for the price, good functionality.


In the new 2013, most of us want to decorate our home and make a warm home. Here we recommend the sleek and stylish Sauder Universal Black TV Stand, which is a great addition to your contemporary living room. The Sauder Universal TV Stand is designed on simple lines, and this television stand is more and more popular between entertainment cabinets. With that TV stand can add an elegant touch to any room. This wooden TV stand has two adjustable shelves that provide ample space for all your audio and video equipment. You can also display family souvenirs and mementoes in the shelves. The large top can hold TVs up to 43 inches. This adjustable shelf TV stand is made from engineered wood, and is a good choice for the eco-friendly people.


Sauder Universal Black TV Stand for TVs up to 43″:

2 adjustable shelves hold audio/video equipment

Holds TVs weighing 240 lbs or less, base must be no larger than 43″

Made of engineered wood with laminate finish

Matte Black finish

Limited manufacturer’s warranty

Assembly required

Dimensions: 43.465″W x 24.094″D x 21.417″H

Model# 400831

The following are some reviews on the entertainment cabinet.

I think it is a good TV set, I got this stand for a 32″ TV, just in case I decide to get a larger TV someday. It has shelves for my DVD player & (hopefully) my video game & its paraphernalia, if I am able to plug it into my TV. All in all, I really like it, but I wish it had more perforated places in the back so I’d have more choices on where I can punch out holes for electrical wires/connections

Etertainment Cabinets for Fat Seen TVs-Sauder Universal TV Stand provides a useful instructions, which assembly came with easy to read step by step book. It’s a great fit for our flat screen TV and has perfect storage space for our collectibles and DVR/clock.