2013 New Popular Kitchen Decorating Trends

2013 New Popular Kitchen Decorating Trends

2013 New Popular Kitchen Decorating Trends

2013 New Popular Kitchen Decorating Trends

In the beginning of the year of 2013, lots of housewives are considering redecorating their lovely cooking area, kitchen. However, many of them are still confusing with the popular trends of the kitchen designs in 2013. It can be a frightening project for them. How about you? If you are going to replace old accessories and appliances, cabinet or hardware for your kitchen unit, you can consider the following ideas I offer to you.


Decorating the kitchen can be performed by sticking to a very tight budget. Adding new color to the kitchen can bring a great effect. It depends on what your favorite style is.


If you like natural elements like stone and brick, you can pick the Tuscany kitchen decorating trends. The fireplace, oven, and backsplash can be adorned by using brick or stone. When you want to illuminate the cooking area, you should install a lighting fixture framed in wrought iron material. If you love traditional kitchen styles, you can opt for the French country or Chinese countryside design. It looks simple but classic and beautiful. You can dominate the cooking area by using yellow and white as the primary color. Supplemental colors include red, green and blue. The furniture should be created from dark wood in weather accent with heavy grains. The decoration can be accented by using rooster prints.

The countertop can feature copper and marble, and if you want to eliminate the bare wall, you could add warm colors like brick red, orange, rust and sunny yellow. If you want to keep it neutral, you could accent the wall by using earthy colors like tan and taupe. The plaster wall is also a common treatment in a Tuscan house. You can also add some paintings on the wall.  The dining table can be presented on the kitchen made from wood. Both kitchen decorating trends can carry a classic and comfortable spot in the cooking area.

Now, are you fond of these design ideas or do you have any new decorating ideas? If you are imaginable and prefer creative design style, you can have a try. Come on, housewives, join in the 2013 new popular kitchen decorating group.




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