Staining Methods of Wooden Display Cabinets

Staining Methods of Wooden Display Cabinets

Staining Methods of Wooden Display Cabinets

Usually, most of display entertainment cabinets are made of wooden materials. Generally, the surface treatment of wooden display cabinets should be carried out after they are preliminarily well. As the saying goes, clothes make the man; the display cabinet will look high-grade if done well. The surface treatment not only makes the wooden cabinet look more beautiful, but also facilitates the maintenance. Here I am going to introduce you some staining methods of wooden display cabinets.
Generally it can be divided into two ways, including water color staining and wine color staining. Water color dye is an aqueous solution while wine color dye is an alcohol solution. Water color staining is very conveniently used, and it is uniform. Besides, the price is cheap. But, there are some disadvantages such as the water is easy to make the wood fluff which needs to do matting to avoid this phenomenon. So, you’d better configure acid dyes for water color.
As to the wine color solution, you’d better use alcohol-soluble salt dyes. The wine color staining uses alcohol as alcohol solvents, a liquid which is likely to be volatile. Therefore, it will not wet the wood and avoid the problems of fluff phenomenon on the wood surface. In addition, it has a bright color. Of course it also has drawback, the drawback is that it costs more and the unevenness gradation.
If you use wine color staining, the recommended configuration is six percent alcohol solution dye, seventy percent alcohol, twenty-four percent shellac. Uniformly deploy them in accordance with the proportion, during the deployment, you’d better not use metal containers, use glass containers or ceramic containers instead, it can prevent it from reacting with the metal container to affect the true colors.
Now, you have already learned some knowledge of wooden display cabinet staining methods, including each of their advantages and disadvantages. Then, you can select a suitable way according to your needs.


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