Chinese Style Entertainment Furniture’ Supplier -JS Interiors-Custom Made Furnishings for Unique Home

JS Interiors is an electronic business website for unique modern furnishing, who offers different kinds of unique Chinese style entertainment furniture.

Chinese Style Entertainment Furniture’ Supplier -JS Interiors-Custom Made Furnishings for Unique Home

Chinese Style Entertainment Furniture’ Supplier -JS Interiors-Custom Made Furnishings for Unique Home

Our offer is unique, not only the product but also our service, that reflect unique multi-cultural background of its founder who has lived and worked both in New Zealand and China for an certain extended period. With extensive knowledge and experience being built over years in sourcing interior furnishings and a long term relationship with local Chinese manufacturers also has been established over years, there are no stock and closure pieces furniture in JS Interiors, because the entire product is actual and comes directly from the manufactories in China.

Our mission is to go directly to the source, in order that we have absolute quality control and can maintain your unique custom made piece at an affordable price. By importing and selling direct to the public we cut out the ‘middle man’ to achieve this.

For some ranges like Chinese style, bathroom range, upholstery range we offer you a truly bespoke service, allowing you to create an item of furniture unique to your own taste and style. Our manufacturers can hand-craft the piece to fit the dimensions you need, or re-create colors to your exact requirements. We also can allow you to supply your own fabric to suit. No matter how unusual and for many of our customers we replicate high-quality department store styles at a fraction of the retail cost.

Our range of Chinese style furniture is made from elm, available in China, similar to oak; however with much broader sweeping grains and a warmer appearance, all of our furniture has a lacquer finish for final protection, but also to add sheen to the pieces giving a more luxurious sophisticated appearance. Our philosophy is to combine the antique styles and craftsmanship of oriental furniture with a modern design influence. The interiors of our antique replica pieces have been carefully altered to suit a modern living environment, while our collection reveals a subtle blend of East and West. We are continually developing this blended approach and work closely with our manufacturer to introduce exciting new designs to the range. New Designs are added to our website monthly.

We also allow you to work with our designers to create furniture suited to the exact requirements of your home. Whether it be small adjustments to dimensions, choosing your own color finish, or even re-creating styles you have seen elsewhere, JS Interiors will help you compliment a carefully planned interior. Most all our pieces can be customized with only a minor up charge. Choose us, JS Interiors-custom made furnishings for unique home.




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