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The end of the month is difficult, but at the approach of winter, some work in your primary residence can definitely expect more: up to standard electricity, change the boiler repair the leak toilet, insulate your home, the attic for Baby, etc..

Many of you do not know, yet, whether you rent or own, CAF can help you by giving you a loan at a preferential rate: and if you enjoy the device “Ready to improving habitat »?

What is the Ready to improving habitat?

To help you carry out work in your home, the CAF can give you a loan at low interest rates (1%).

The loan amount depends on the cost of the work you want to achieve. It amounts to 80% of expenditures within the limit of € 1,067.14.

home improvement loan CAF

The loan is paid directly to the recipient in 2 times:

– The first part corresponding to half of the loan, signing the loan agreement;

– The 2nd fraction, completion, upon presentation of invoices to specifications approved by the CAF, within 6 months after the first payment.

It is repayable in 36 monthly maximum deductions your family benefits to come.

Who can benefit from this scheme?

You can qualify for this loan if you meet the following conditions:

You must be at least one beneficiary family benefit for a dependent child under the general scheme (note: if you receive only one of the following services: allocation of social housing – ESL -; allowance for disabled adults – AAH -; personalized housing – APL -; solidarity income plus non – RSA, you will not be eligible for this assistance).

The work should involve your primary residence.

If you are a tenant, your landlord must agree to carry out the work and ensure you remain in the premises for at least 3 years. (It should be work that the regulation is clearly the responsibility of the tenant OR work inside the housing, which can not be imposed on the owner).

You must have the financial capacity to repay the loan.

In contrast, the level of your resources is not capped.

You are assistant (e) feeding (the)? You can benefit from a specific device to work involving the care of children entrusted to you (learn more).

What work is involved?

Overall, remember that only the work actually needed for normal comfort is affected by this device, for example:



improvement (aeration installation of heating, sanitation, electricity);

thermal insulation;

facelift imposed by the City;

restructuring of housing following the arrival of a child into habitable condition parts unfit for human habitation, division or expansion of housing;

adapting housing to the lives of children with disabilities;

connection to the “town gas”, “mains drainage” of an old house.

Warning: You should not have ordered the materials, or have started work, before filing the loan application to the Caf.

What is the work may NOT be financed by the loan to improve the habitat?

– The routine maintenance (repair wallpapers or paints);

– Work completion of a new building (occupied for less than 3 years) or outside (garage, fence, terrace);

– Installation of a conservatory.

To simplify, remember that all work will be excluded which are not essential (fireplace approval, decorative parts of a closed fireplace, etc.).

After you have completed, return to your Caf not forget to attach:

the detailed specifications of the Work and the Contractor, or quotes from suppliers of materials if you perform the work yourself;

The owner’s permission (if you are a tenant);

CAF will review your application based on the proposed work.


The widespread use of hi-tech entertainment including TV with connection to the Internet, media players and digital devices for listening to music in general could not leave indifferent the furniture industry.

This fact has renewed its production with modern furnishing solutions to integrate new media now widespread in our homes with furniture tv stand truly innovative.

Today, the living room, the place par excellence of relaxation and entertainment in the home, cannot do without the TV cabinet studied in detail to serve in a simple and efficient multimedia device.

The whole minimizing the use of wires to view, integrating in mobile switches, ports for fast connections usb, telephone sockets, sockets for connection to the mains and even grids for ventilation devices.

The new collection “Munari” for example, combines these numerous specific measures to such aesthetic tempered glass, lacquered glossy effects and scratch-resistant materials that enhance the design of the living room, representing a very useful piece of furniture for which it is not necessary to have spending a fortune.

The collection Munari has recently been introduced in the catalog of which you can see every detail of the models tv and buy directly online.

TV stand

This TV stand industrial “king size” is a creation by Indus Spirit. It is ideal for large spaces, to dress a large section of wall or receive a large TV. It has two swing doors with wide screens, they can hide inside all electronic equipment (internet, console, DVD. while being able to control them with the remote while the TV stand is closed.

This TV stand is also industrial composed of two small doors (with a shelf at half height) and two screens side by side with them for when you can place the speakers in your home theater for example.

TV stand

Two grommets can run the cables to the rear of the cabinet.

The top is in French oak PEFC (medium oak color). He has received several coats of matt varnish to protect it.

This whole TV stand is mounted on four industrial wheels swivel 360 ° two-blocking.

The interior is fully painted in matt black.

The structure of this TV cabinet industry has been weathered and protected against rust.

Dimensions: 50 cm high, 46 cm deep and 201 cm wide.

This TV stand is available in industrial spirit throughout France and plus.

You might possibly weighting techniques beautifying the home of their own and placing some excellent home decorations, amplification of the way you live. Indeed, with these current cases where technology is at its pinnacle, can be no doubt that it could only do no matter what you may have thought to take to improve your home and create some key improvements within their family shrine very itself. Much more than that, improving the property at present is not only restricted to the placement of furniture, altering your wallpaper or buying fantastic pictures to show. At present, it also involves the use of innovative solutions and gears that could cast specks of modernization within your residence.

home improvement

Home improvement these days is the only way that just before that since technology entered the picture. It has become something much more than it was back then.

Projection on glass could now take place at his residence incredibly personal. Just before, just used to imagine this kind of points to spend, but now we are able to convert basically a glass on a screen! Projection on glass creates attainable through sophisticated technology through a thin film of paper projection that allows pictures appear in a glass. It will be great to have a thing with the benefits of personal wooden houses that allows witnessing this type of technology.

It might appeal among visitors to the property of one, could provide a satisfaction for your family and you remember how our planet has now moved towards modernization.

In addition, the projection on glass screens can be used as a technique that could be amazing to watch their movies or admired, redefining the way you see your favorite scenes entertainment. Showing your furniture is more for parties and celebrations held at home as it is striking, causing an attraction between people today. In addition, these technologies could become touch screens, best suited for presentations, browsing snapshot, watch videos and surf the net.

In this current era, we must not only how our properties may increase for this reason that there are actually several methods currently unlimited. Technology is allowing suppose to infinity, and in improving the situation of the residence, do not detect an edge in what we could do.


There are many different types of TV cabinets available in the market. One can choose from a plan that meets their needs the best. The interior and the arrangement of furniture are important points to be considered in the process of selection of different cabinet plans. This is because the cabinet should fit properly and without looking odd in the given space. It can be seen that right choice is made because the cabinets are an important part of home furniture.

The wooden cabinet is made of French walnut. It is made up of components such as brass drawer pulls and formed electro-mechanical lift. It can accommodate flat screen televisions with a size between 32 “and 37”. The TV can be hidden from view in the case when not in use. Touchstone The lift is used to increase the TV using an infrared remote control. The cabinet can also be used as a bench.

Articulate and beautiful construction are the key features of “Lauren espresso bedroom Cabinet ‘This type of housing is made of nickel hardware and birch veneers, while English dovetail joints are used in the assembly, the housing accommodates TVs with a size of 37..” – 42 “. An IR remote control or a wired handset is being used to control movement of the cabinet lift. Components can be easily replaced, because the case has a plug-and-play system. weight of the cabinet is 250 pounds, while its dimensions 36 “(height) x 49” (height) x 18 are 5/8 “(depth).

The ‘Regency Dark Cherry Bedroom’ Cabinet is traditional in its appearance. It is made of dark wood and cherry red has brass pulls. The case has room for 32 “- 37” flat-screen TV and has an electro-mechanical lift in its design. It can be used as a sofa and an IR remote control is used to control the buoyancy of the Touchstone. Case dimensions are 34.5 “(height) x 46.5” (width) x 18.2 “(depth) and weighs around 200 kg.

This cabinet has an artistic eye and a rich finish Louis. The audio and video compartments offer plenty of space for storage. Cabinet structure is customized with features such as speaker panels and interchangeable wood doors. The TV can be lowered gradually and evenly with the help of heavy-duty TV lift mechanism. High performance infrared sensors are flush-mounted turn signals and important features of the infrared relay the ‘Import Advantage “systems, this cabinet.

This cabinet is characterized by black fabric, and cherry wood art on the top, corners and also at the base. TV sets with dimensions 55 “(width) x 32” (height) x 6.5 “(depth) can easily fit in the closet. There is a place in the cabinet for storing game boxes, DVD movie boxes and decorative items reserved behind the front doors. Move the back of this cabinet allows users to TV connections can reach.

The cabinet has glimpsed through here earlier before it was really clear, and clearly it is not yet but almost, anyway. The outside was my mission and its clear … inside is the man for the … and leads him to bring order to the many so keep your hat if you have it on!! The Spaniard keeps his guitar facility here also, but there is plenty of room for even more technology if we feel like it … so to all men who do not think the TV cabinet is practical, I am back support from my other half say that it is awesome, both nicely (from the outside) and incredibly practical! For all the technology that would otherwise be hidden in various closets are now here, easily accessible and just the place he wants it … TV you can see from all sides, the doors hides nothing and we have feet stand on our TV so it can be turned to the right or left if we feel like it. We chose to put the TV on a shelf just to be able to turn it and not charged back cover of the cabinet with suspension, but of course you can hang it in the back if you want it.

The cabinet was built after an antique double doors of a little less kind, with dimensions wider one TV where it went. Antique double doors with the right dimensions do not grow on trees, so to acquire it before the building is a must, since the dimensions adapted for the doors. The rest of the cabinet except the back cover and rails are built in mdf for it not to bend to all sides as wood otherwise do if not allowed to dry for several months before you build. Pärlsponten on the back and decorative trims are made of wood.

The doors were renovated and the handle was removed, and instead we snapped into an antique key lock. The entire cabinet because painted and was then color English red which I love! Finally sewn simple insider protection silduks linen curtains fastened with springs inside.

project tv cabinet

An attractive kitchen is one of the things a person notices and recalls a house. Instead of spending large amounts of cash with replaced cabinets and surfaces, try picking up new doors and hardware, and maybe a can of wood stain or paint. Cabinets age can be refreshed with a brush and a screwdriver in an afternoon of much less than a full review. The same tricks work for appliances that can occur removable plates. New plates can be ordered in different colors or materials. Some may even be reversible and so if you want to remodel a kitchen white darkest just have to loosen a few screws.

Light fixtures can be changed by following the instructions. Old modern styles can be done in half an hour. Using eco-friendly accessories can enhance the attractiveness of a room while adding gentle cleanser and lower your electric bill. Latches, handles, and other computers in the house can be retouched to look better.

Landscape can be done with nothing but a spade hand. Gardeners and local groups can meet and share plants. Some species that are commonly used extended, and a neighbor may want to get rid of some beautiful plants. Ask around and improve the exterior of your home without having to sell the furniture inside. If you already do some gardening, check online for a seed exchange. The price of stamps may be all that is needed for trade in vegetable seeds from a seed tree or shrub.

The floor is usually the realm of experts, but there are teams that are installed on existing floors. Several hundred dollars can be saved by doing the work yourself, while getting rid of the worn floors.

If the carpet is looking to use, but cannot afford to put a new carpet shampooer renting and buying cleaning agents for this. Its use in a high-traffic room can put new life into it and put off replacement.

Adding a new toilet seat in the bathroom and towels again a few can give a more modern look to the bathroom. Replace chipped tiles around your bathroom and cleaning the group to complete the look. A new sink cannot be difficult for a DIY-er to handle well.

Hiring a professional to inspect your home and take care of small repairs can be a good thing. When the little touches like the wiring and fitting of water to sit and touched up that tells visitors that you care about your home. The price of a professional for a couple of hours can be more than enough to offset the tools and equipment you have to buy.

Look at your door. A loose handle and paint cracks around it will be the first to greet visitors. Adding stronger accessories, a new set of lights or painting the structure can do wonders for the image of your home. Metal frames can be painted over, and without need for a new frame.

New curtains in the windows present a better picture. Anyone can see driving down the windows so if the colors are off or they are getting tatty, just have a new set will make everyone feel better.

If you do not have enough space for a proper garden behind his house, consider flower boxes. Its installation beneath a window is easy and small flowers that grow inside a warm home maker. If you enjoy cooking you can install one near the kitchen as a herb garden box.