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The ultimate goal of television furniture is to function as the support of television.

These TV stands are designed with drawers to keep your devices within reach: a tablet (like an Apple iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab), iPod, iPhone, PS3 joysticks and even 3D glasses. You can also store many CDs and DVDs. These TV stands also include hiding cables for your home that exudes serenity without leaving unsightly cables through your living room.

A feature of the brand Ultimate is the color of the stem which is in agreement with the cabinet. This will give your home a personal touch and the furniture will be standardized.

There are different sizes of furniture: 1m10, 1m35 and 1m80. This furniture Ultimate TV will showcase plasma displays, LCD or LED.

A sleek aesthetics, contemporary and functional allowing a real enhancement to your living room can now summarize the Ultimate furniture.

Despite the outlook and the design of television cabinet, put its function on the top of the list while consideration. 


In contemporary days there are a large variety of designs concerning television furniture.

TV furniture design of the brand Ultimate have a wide choice of colors: brown, purple, gray, or white wood. They have a special lacquer finish, combining simplicity and purity. These TV stands are, in themselves, dress your interior rendering and elegant design. They will fit perfectly into your home, that it is small or large. You can also add modules to your main piece of furniture to maximize your space and obtain new storage.

The structure of this furniture is MDF which stands for Medium Density Fiberboard. Many manufacturers use this material very useful: it is very durable and does not split, it is fire resistant, it does not explode and does not deform. This structure gives the furniture a guarantee of quality. Thus the top shelf can support up to 50 Kg

To conclude, the rang of television furniture design is so large that it concludes the nostalgic ones and the post modernized ones. Which of them is to your taste?



There are different sizes of television cabinets: the length ranges from 1100 mm to 1400 mm for TVs from 26 to 50 inches. From 66 to 127 cm. The height of the furniture also varies from 335 to 510 mm, depending on the number of trays. The maximum weight supported on the upper trays of 60 kg which is quite sufficient for the current TV.

The structure of these furniture: painted steel doors and trays, meanwhile, are tempered glass which allows a very good strength.

Practicality: the back of this stylish TV stand is removable and easy access to the back of your devices, it is very useful if you connect or disconnect an HDMI or SCART. Through a ventilation system your game console or even an amplifier can be placed in this cabinet. A clip-son is also very useful for hiding unsightly cables.

The many colors available: they can put a touch of color and design in your home. This TV stand can be the heart of the show, it will adapt to all types of interior design more than classical.

This range of TV cabinets combines practical design, especially design and choice. With different sizes and many colors you will surely find one that make your living space.


Tilt range is compatible with virtually all televisions Plasma, LCD, and LED on the market. Indeed, the maximum load supported is 55 kg. It is best to adjust your viewing angle, it is rotated 90 ° and tilt up to + / -15 °, it is very useful if you need to move. Also in this desire for convenience in moving it is aluminum which allows it to be light.

Now for the TV media wall powered, the MTM. Functional and elegant, it is also tilted through 15 degrees for all types of LCD and LED. This stand supports the weight of 22.5 kg. You can adjust the angle to your own preset via remote control. He will return to its original position when you turn off your TV. This TV Stand is equipped with a protection that is triggered if the tilt movement is blocked, it stops automatically. This bracket is 25 mm from the wall which is perfect for it to do with your body part.

Finally, TV support wall MSM. It can be oriented at 90 ° is expected for flat screen TVs from 37 to 52 inches for a maximum weight of 35 kg. Like the MTM, it includes its own security system as it can be used with your remote. When the TV is off it returns to its original position at 5 cm from the wall.


Multibrackets brand is a Swedish company. It is also one of the leading European manufacturers of audio-visual equipment. Best known for starting the construction of flat screens, it quickly turned to the TV wall brackets for both individuals and professionals. His reputation for quality and innovative products is well proven, so they undergo severe tests which show that their materials are durable. Supports TV meet the highest standards which gives them a guarantee of superior quality and safety.

The ranges of supports for flat screens Multibrackets include quality, durability, and aesthetics.

The TV wall supports non-motorized, the Wire. It meets VESA 200/300/400 and TVs with a maximum weight of 40 kg. It can support many TVs. With this TV stand, you can set your TV as the ultra-slim LED. Two pins act as hooks, two pads connected by a cable bolt onto the back of your TV near the top, and two other studs are screwed onto the bottom. Two people can then just lift the TV and put it on the wall by sliding it down until the wire is suspended from the anchor points. The distance from the TV to the wall is 20 mm. Thus, the TV looks like a picture frame that will be the center of your living room.

Any updating of flat large screen TV without a replacement of TV cabinet which supports it will be not thorough. A right designed television cabinet will not only accommodate your new television, but also add color to the general style and atmosphere to your house.

Many people choose to buy and bring their new television home before setting out to think about the display of the television. Prepare a proper television cabinet beforehand is very important. When your new TV arrives, you have already have a safe home to prevent it from falling or hurt anyone. You have to consul a professional first about how you are going to motorize your television and how much space you plan between your television cabinet and other furniture. 

A well-performed TV stand plays a significant role in the security of your safety and your property and the integrity of your design. If your television console is good enough to last even longer than your TV does, then it can be called the one with high quality marvelous materials. So afraid not to spend a little bit more than you have invested on the TV. It worth the price by protecting your family and it is a solid investment that integrity of your taste. 


TV stands as necessary in modern home is too common to talk about. What make a TV standing outstanding is its design and its material. Oak is one of those things that have the power of making an oak TV stand stands out. Oak TV stands come out in distinguished fashion and colors. The beauty an oak TV stands show can stand the taste of time if chosen properly.

Television is the tool that transfers entertainment. Giving it the right choice of support will definitely add color to your relaxation. The most dedicated solid oak stands are majorly handcrafted by skilled joiners who have great experience in using material and handling cuts. Oak, as its impression in most people minds, is durable and freed for design and craft. This uniqueness makes it most suitable for home environment and responsible for its functionality.

Many of these oak stands have special exit holes at the back for the use of trailing wires. Oil will be painted on the surface and improve its durability against repeated touch. it is so durable that even ten years later, you can still sell your oak stand at the same price you bought it, some even more worthy than it used to.