What create you a pleasant home? It is no doubt that the beautiful carpets. Since they are often used at home and workplaces, and give floors a look of luxury. But if something spills on your carpet like coffee, then it will really wreck its fabric and will also give an irritating look. Every time that a stain goes untreated on your favorite rug, you risk losing the natural look and style of the rug.


You need to be prepared to try and do something to maintain the natural look of your carpets. Carpet Cleaning is often a tiresome job. However nowadays there are various dry cleaners and housekeeping corporations that offer carpet cleaning packages. Finding the right company is sometimes difficult but it is worth it when you find one. If you would like the rug’s colors and patterns to last longer, Upholstery Cleaning is a must for you. A skilled rug cleaning service should offer you advice and tips about how to take care of your rug and increase its life.


Regular Upholstery Cleaning is very important; as a result of terribly minute dirt particles could settle in the deep areas of thread and will also cause health issues like asthma, respiratory problems and more. Maintaining your floor coverings in the right manner saves you money and time. Try to keep your rugs and carpets clean by regular washing and maintenance.


Skilled carpet cleaning includes steam cleaning, easy rotational brush cleaning, absorbent technique, dry foam extraction, dry extraction and vacuum extraction. Skilled carpet and rug cleaners can use anti staining and anti soiling agents while they clean the carpets. Note the right company to look for should have the best upholstery service; they should use the finest equipment to get rid of all stains, odors, and spots. Apart from cleaning, they also render alternative services like rug repair service, free pickup and delivery of carpets and rugs.



At the new year of 2013, the Natural Finish Entertainment Cabinet has begun on sale. The big discount is already cheap enough to attract you, in spite of its special and beautiful composition.

This entertainment cabinet is a perfect, strong TV stand, with some of that composite board. It came with a few very tiny dings in the exterior but aside from that were in impressive condition.

The composition were exclusively designed so you can organize your films, games, three-dimensional glasses, controllers, and peripheral devices so that you are not going to have them over-lapping. The handles have a nice, refined lightweight aluminum appearance, as do the legs, and the “finish” is a semi-gloss kind of black–again, you notice it’s there but it doesn’t pull the eye.

Big Discount on Natural Finish Entertainment Cabinet

Big Discount on Natural Finish Entertainment Cabinet

Not tough to construct in the least. It takes a little while, though, as there are a lot of components and it’s best to organize it a minor before beginning set up. Television set is wall-mounted, but the stand matches nicely under it and covers the wires running down to the different devices. The shelves are all adjustable using tiny, rubber-capped pegs, so you can shift them up or down a few notches to accommodate DVD’s, blue-ray, VHS tapes, or games.

Just pay attention when assembling the Natural Finish Entertainment Cabinet by H.P.P the cabinet doors that swing out with their cubbies. As others have noticed, the directions are a little imprecise so it’s easy to unintentionally have one of the shelf boards facing the wrong way, exposing the wood. Also, don’t be discouraged if, during construction, you notice the underside base-board seems bowed in the middle and the feet don’t all initially touch the floor, as almost everything more or less levels out after you put the whole thing together and load it with videos.


What are you waiting for? You are going to regret when you realize you have made this good opportunity slip away. Come and pick a set of cheap natural finish entertainment cabinet.



2013 New Popular Kitchen Decorating Trends

2013 New Popular Kitchen Decorating Trends

2013 New Popular Kitchen Decorating Trends

In the beginning of the year of 2013, lots of housewives are considering redecorating their lovely cooking area, kitchen. However, many of them are still confusing with the popular trends of the kitchen designs in 2013. It can be a frightening project for them. How about you? If you are going to replace old accessories and appliances, cabinet or hardware for your kitchen unit, you can consider the following ideas I offer to you.


Decorating the kitchen can be performed by sticking to a very tight budget. Adding new color to the kitchen can bring a great effect. It depends on what your favorite style is.


If you like natural elements like stone and brick, you can pick the Tuscany kitchen decorating trends. The fireplace, oven, and backsplash can be adorned by using brick or stone. When you want to illuminate the cooking area, you should install a lighting fixture framed in wrought iron material. If you love traditional kitchen styles, you can opt for the French country or Chinese countryside design. It looks simple but classic and beautiful. You can dominate the cooking area by using yellow and white as the primary color. Supplemental colors include red, green and blue. The furniture should be created from dark wood in weather accent with heavy grains. The decoration can be accented by using rooster prints.

The countertop can feature copper and marble, and if you want to eliminate the bare wall, you could add warm colors like brick red, orange, rust and sunny yellow. If you want to keep it neutral, you could accent the wall by using earthy colors like tan and taupe. The plaster wall is also a common treatment in a Tuscan house. You can also add some paintings on the wall.  The dining table can be presented on the kitchen made from wood. Both kitchen decorating trends can carry a classic and comfortable spot in the cooking area.

Now, are you fond of these design ideas or do you have any new decorating ideas? If you are imaginable and prefer creative design style, you can have a try. Come on, housewives, join in the 2013 new popular kitchen decorating group.



Dear parents, have you designed a beautiful and special bedroom for your pretty little girl? In my opinion, girls’ bedrooms should look exceptional and pleasant. And parents should deliver a special flair for their girl’s bedroom so that your daughter would love to stay in her private space.


Beautiful Girl Bedroom Design IdeasBeautiful Girl Bedroom Design Ideas

Beautiful Girl Bedroom Design Ideas

If you are considering for your daughter, and her bedroom designs, you have to pick the best theme based on her interests. First of all, ask her opinion about her favorite movies, cartoons, and figures. I guess some of these nice themes are favored by your daughter, which are hello kitty, Doraemon, snoopy, or snow white. If you want a general theme, adorn the bedroom with a garden, ballerina’s, fairy tale or animal look.

When you have picked the theme, you need to coordinate it with the bedding in the sleeping area. Many stores have themed bedding, the pattern, color and print should convey the chosen theme. The color scheme can be bright, soft and bold.

You can paint the wall with purple, lavender, or pink shades. If you want a unique look for the wall, decorate it using a mural or stencil. Choose an area rug; pick one with bold colors to attract the eyes.

Most girls would love the red color very much, especially pink or light red. It is really a red color is a great option. You can have it in patterned, butterfly, floral, bee or perhaps a lady bug pattern.  Some girls like light blue, and you can have the wall wiped blue, which will make your little girl feel comfortable and relaxed. Other colors you can have a try are light purple, sun yellow and light green.

If you would like to spend more, try to find unique furniture that perhaps represents the look of an animal. If you don’t want to spend a lot, repaint the old furniture with a new color, then you can add wall stickers to make the furniture interesting and pleasing to the eye. The curtain and bedding should be in a coordinated pattern to carry a cohesive style.


Ask your daughter what she wants, and design a beautiful bedroom for her~


JS Interiors is an electronic business website for unique modern furnishing, who offers different kinds of unique Chinese style entertainment furniture.

Chinese Style Entertainment Furniture’ Supplier -JS Interiors-Custom Made Furnishings for Unique Home

Chinese Style Entertainment Furniture’ Supplier -JS Interiors-Custom Made Furnishings for Unique Home

Our offer is unique, not only the product but also our service, that reflect unique multi-cultural background of its founder who has lived and worked both in New Zealand and China for an certain extended period. With extensive knowledge and experience being built over years in sourcing interior furnishings and a long term relationship with local Chinese manufacturers also has been established over years, there are no stock and closure pieces furniture in JS Interiors, because the entire product is actual and comes directly from the manufactories in China.

Our mission is to go directly to the source, in order that we have absolute quality control and can maintain your unique custom made piece at an affordable price. By importing and selling direct to the public we cut out the ‘middle man’ to achieve this.

For some ranges like Chinese style, bathroom range, upholstery range we offer you a truly bespoke service, allowing you to create an item of furniture unique to your own taste and style. Our manufacturers can hand-craft the piece to fit the dimensions you need, or re-create colors to your exact requirements. We also can allow you to supply your own fabric to suit. No matter how unusual and for many of our customers we replicate high-quality department store styles at a fraction of the retail cost.

Our range of Chinese style furniture is made from elm, available in China, similar to oak; however with much broader sweeping grains and a warmer appearance, all of our furniture has a lacquer finish for final protection, but also to add sheen to the pieces giving a more luxurious sophisticated appearance. Our philosophy is to combine the antique styles and craftsmanship of oriental furniture with a modern design influence. The interiors of our antique replica pieces have been carefully altered to suit a modern living environment, while our collection reveals a subtle blend of East and West. We are continually developing this blended approach and work closely with our manufacturer to introduce exciting new designs to the range. New Designs are added to our website monthly.

We also allow you to work with our designers to create furniture suited to the exact requirements of your home. Whether it be small adjustments to dimensions, choosing your own color finish, or even re-creating styles you have seen elsewhere, JS Interiors will help you compliment a carefully planned interior. Most all our pieces can be customized with only a minor up charge. Choose us, JS Interiors-custom made furnishings for unique home.



Staining Methods of Wooden Display Cabinets

Staining Methods of Wooden Display Cabinets

Usually, most of display entertainment cabinets are made of wooden materials. Generally, the surface treatment of wooden display cabinets should be carried out after they are preliminarily well. As the saying goes, clothes make the man; the display cabinet will look high-grade if done well. The surface treatment not only makes the wooden cabinet look more beautiful, but also facilitates the maintenance. Here I am going to introduce you some staining methods of wooden display cabinets.
Generally it can be divided into two ways, including water color staining and wine color staining. Water color dye is an aqueous solution while wine color dye is an alcohol solution. Water color staining is very conveniently used, and it is uniform. Besides, the price is cheap. But, there are some disadvantages such as the water is easy to make the wood fluff which needs to do matting to avoid this phenomenon. So, you’d better configure acid dyes for water color.
As to the wine color solution, you’d better use alcohol-soluble salt dyes. The wine color staining uses alcohol as alcohol solvents, a liquid which is likely to be volatile. Therefore, it will not wet the wood and avoid the problems of fluff phenomenon on the wood surface. In addition, it has a bright color. Of course it also has drawback, the drawback is that it costs more and the unevenness gradation.
If you use wine color staining, the recommended configuration is six percent alcohol solution dye, seventy percent alcohol, twenty-four percent shellac. Uniformly deploy them in accordance with the proportion, during the deployment, you’d better not use metal containers, use glass containers or ceramic containers instead, it can prevent it from reacting with the metal container to affect the true colors.
Now, you have already learned some knowledge of wooden display cabinet staining methods, including each of their advantages and disadvantages. Then, you can select a suitable way according to your needs.

2013 Preschool Furniture Multifunctional Wooden Kids Storage Cabinet for Kindergarten

2013 Preschool Furniture Multifunctional Wooden Kids Storage Cabinet for Kindergarten

Are you often crazy about your kid’s mess bedroom? Have you ever thought of choosing a good cabinet for them to pick up those mess things such as books, bags, clothes and toys? Here, a 2013 wooden storage cabinet is right for your kids, it is a perfect combination of space and function area.
Buying a multifunctional wooden storage cabinet for your little kid can not only decorate the room, but also make your kids learn to clean and sort out their things and build up a good habit.
Here are some features about this wooden storage cabinet:
1. Complies with both the Americans with China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (CAAPA); International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA); IS09001-2008, CE,ROHS standard.
2. Humanistic design, Edge passivation treatment, more safety.
3. Hygiene, Food class plastic, makes children more health.
4. Colorful, beautiful and durable. At least 5 years won’t fade.
Material: wood board
Size: 120(L)*30(W)*80(H)cm
Color: colorful or according to your demands
Functions: 1.anti-static, anti-crack, anti-UV
2.the bright-colored can attract children. You can choose many colors.
3. Suitable for improving kids energy and imagination.
4. According to the kids set out the graphics by themselves. Help the children intelligence development.
Main Funs: storage
Usage scope: kindergarten, residential park, school, park, amusement park, shopping mall, supermarket, KFC etc.
Style: wooden cabinet
Inspection standard: EN1176